Liverpool CEO confirms further Anfield improvements needed

Liverpool CEO confirms further Anfield improvements needed

Liverpool FC CEO - Billy Hogan - has confirmed that talks are already under way, with regards to the next phase of developing Anfield.

After a series of setbacks, it came as somewhat of a surprise, to learn earlier this week, that the Anfield Road expansion project would in fact be finished by January 2024, with a phased opening of the upper tier beginning on the 17th December 2023.

Once complete, the Anfield Road stand will add 7000 extra seats, taking Anfield's capacity to 61,000.

Despite the success of the Main Stand and Anfield Road stand expansions, Liverpool CEO, Billy Hogan, has confirmed that plans are already being drawn up for future developments and improvements, starting with better transport links to and from Anfield.

With the increased number of fans visiting Anfield on match days, more and more pressure is being placed on the local transport network.  Therefore, any improvements that can be made will be welcomed by fans and local residents alike.

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Discussions under way

During a recent interview, Billy Hogan confirmed that disucssions have already taken place with the Mayor's office, with a number of options being put forward to help connect Anfield with the city and wider community.

One of the proposed ideas would see a city tram, similar to those used in Manchester, installed between the city centre, Anfield and Everton's new Docklands Stadium.  However, such a scheme will take a number of years to realise, so, in the short term, it's likely that simpler, low cost options will be implemented, such as improving paths and walkways around Anfield, as well as increasing bus services on match days.

Improving the transport links around Anfield will not only improve matchdays, it will also help with plans to utilise Anfield for concerts and other events during the summer.  One of the major concerns the City Council has, when awarding permits for concerts at Anfield, is the disruption caused to local residents.  Anything to help alleviate this disruption will be welcomed by both the club an its neighbours.

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