Affiliate Marketing

LFC - Back On Our Perch may engage in affiliate marketing - a process where we can earn commission from the sale of goods or services that we recommend from third party companies.

By utilising this process we can keep LFC - Back On Our Perch a free to use site.  We can also use the money earned to invest in technology and training to improve the website and continue to develop new and interesting content for our users.

Affiliate Marketing works by embedding tracking links into the website. If you click on a link for an affiliate partnership, a cookie will be placed on your browser to track any sales for the purposes of paying commissions. This will not cost you any extra and the process of using / purchasing the third party product will be no different to if you found the product or service organically.

Affiliate Programs we participate in :

Amazon EU Associates Programme -  an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


TradeDoubler -