Europa League prize money

Europa League prize money

Having secured top spot in Group E with a game to spare, Liverpool can look forward to the knock out stages of the Europa League.  But how much can Liverpool earn from winning the competition?

Thursday night sees Liverpool complete their final game in Group E of this seasons Europa League.  With qualification already secured, it is likely that Manager Jurgen Klopp will rotate his players, giving a number of promising youngsters their chance to shine on the European stage.

The competition will then take a break until February 2024, when the knockout round plays-offs will take place.  Liverpool have avoided these by finishing top of their group, so the Reds will not return to European action until March, when the Round of 16 will take place. Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Final are then set to take place in April and May respectively.  Liverpool have an excellent chance of going all the way in the competition, but how much money do the Reds stand to make from a successful European run, and how does it compare to prize money in the Champions League?

Fixed Prize Money

By qualifying for the Europa League Liverpool received a fixed payment of £3.14million

Each group stage victory is rewarded by a payment of £550,000.  With four victories already secured, Liverpool have therefore received an additional £2.2million, with another £550,000 available if they win on Thursday.

By winning the group, Liverpool have also received a one off payment £955,000
By Qualifying for the Round of 16, Liverpool will receive one off payment of £1.05million
If Liverpool reach the Quarter Finals, they will receive a one off payment of £1.58million
If Liverpool reach the Semi Final, they will receive a one off payment of £2.39million
If Liverpool reach the Final, they will receive a one off payment of £4.02million
If Liverpool win the competition, they will receive a one of payment of £3.5million

So far therefore, Liverpool have won £7.345million in prize money from the Europa League, with the potential to earn an additional £12.04million, if they go all the way and win the competition.

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Co-Efficient Payments

As well as the fixed payments mentioned above, each team participating in the competion will share a co-efficient prize pot of £59.98million.  This is devided between all 32 teams, with a teams co-efficient ranking deciding how much they earn.  The co-efficient is determined by a teams results in European competitions, over the last 10 seasons.  As Liverpool usually play in the Champions League (and do well in it), they have the highest co-efficient score of any team in the Europa League, meaning they get the biggest share of the pot - roughly £3.63million.

TV Money

On top of the co-efficient payment, a further payment, known as the 'Market Pool' will be received.  This season, the Market Pool is worth £119.9million.  How much a team earns from the Market Pool is decided by how popular the club, and league they play in, is on the international market.  As Liverpool have a massive international following, and the Premier League is the most watched league in Europe, Liverpool will receive a larger share of the Market Pool, as they will draw a bigger TV audience for each of their matches.  The exact share each club receives will not be known until the end of the competition, as the country the winning club comes from is also a factor.  Confused....we are....

Money from gate receipts and merchandise

Far more difficult to quantify, is the money Liverpool earn from each game.  A recent study from football finance experts, suggest Liverpool earn roughly £3million per home game, in gate receipts, merchandise and food & drink sales.  Liverpool have played 3 home games so far in the group stages, earning them approximately £9million.  If Liverpool reach the final of the competition, as is expected, then they will play a further 3 home games, bringing in another £9million.  Theoretically then, Liverpool can bank over £18million from gate receipts and merchandise over the course of the competition - if they reach the final.

So, Liverpool have already banked over £7million in prize money and £9million in gate receipts by winning the group.  A further £12million in prize money, £3.63million in co-efficient money and £9million in gate receipts can be earned by reaching the final.  The market pool money is hard to estimate, but will likely be worth another £10million at least.

That means Liverpool can make in the region of £50million by winning the Europa League.  Not a small amount by any means, but far short of the £110million Liverpool earned by reaching the final of the Champions League a few seasons ago - and that didn't include gate receipts.

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