VAR commentary released after Diaz goal controversy

VAR commentary released after Diaz goal controversy

Audio shows VAR officials thought goal was awarded by referee on the field before realising their mistake.

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The PGMOL and Premier League have released the full audio commentary of the VAR blunder, that led to Luis Diaz's goal being disallowed against Tottenham on Saturday.

The full audio transcript, from the VAR check on Luis Diaz's disallowed goal against Tottenham, has been released, and makes for pretty damning reading.

During the audio, both VAR Officials can be heard mistakenly thinking the goal had been given on the field, before realising their mistake and swearing when they realise the referee has already re-started the game.

Read the full commentary below and then comment on what you think......

Linesman: "All good, both holding, waiting, delaying, delaying... Coming back for the offside, mate."

VAR (England): "Just checking the offside. Delay, delay. Give the kick point, let's go. Kick point please?"

Referee (Hooper): "Yeah, no worries mate."

Replay Operator: "So, here we are. Just get a tight angle."

VAR (England): "Yeah, give me a 2D line ready after this one for frame two after that. That's fine. Perfect, yeah. 2D line on the left boot."

Replay Operator: "Let me just switch angles."

VAR (England): "[Cristian] Romero, I think it is?"

Replay Operator: "I think it might be this angle better? Happy with this angle?"

VAR (England): "Yep."

Replay Operator: "2D line on the boot?"

VAR (England): "2D line on the boot."

Replay Operator: "Yep, okay."

VAR (England): "Check complete, check complete. That's fine, perfect."

Linesman: "Playing."

Referee (Hooper): "Cheers mate."

VAR (England): "Thanks mate."

Referee (Hooper): "Well done boys, good process."

VAR commentary released after Diaz goal controversy

Replay Operator: "Wait, wait, wait, wait. The on-field decision was offside. Are you happy with this?"

Assistant VAR (Cook): "Yeah."

Replay Operator: "Are you happy with this?"

Assistant VAR (Cook): "That's wrong that, Daz."

VAR (England): "What?"

Replay Operator: "On-field decision was offside. Are you happy with this image? It's onside. The image that we gave them is onside."

Assistant VAR (Cook): "He's played him, he's gone offside."

VAR (England): "Oh ****."

Replay Operator: "Delay, delay. [Fourth official Michael Oliver] is saying to delay. Oli is saying to delay."

VAR (England): "Pardon?"

Replay Operator: "Oli is calling in to say delay the game. The decision is onside."

VAR (England): "Can't do anything."

Replay Operator: "Oli is saying to delay. Oli is saying to delay."

VAR (England): "Oli?"

Fourth official (Oliver): "Yeah."

Replay Operator: "Delay the game, stop the game."

VAR (England): "They've restarted the game. Can't do anything, can't do anything."

Assistant VAR (Cook): "Yeah, they've restarted. Yeah."

VAR (England): "I can't do anything. I can't do anything. ****."

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