Man City show lack of class – again

Man City show lack of class - again, as they refuse to collect runners-up medals

Manchester City have once again shown a lack of class and respect, by refusing to collect their runners-up medals in the FA Charity Shield.  Nobody likes losing a final, even if the Charity Shield is seen by many as nothing more than a glorified friendly, but you should win with dignity, and lose with dignity.

Liverpool have suffered their fair share of Final defeats, but Jurgen Klopp would never think of disrespecting the competition, or opposition, by refusing to take the team up to collect their runners up medals. Even if Klopp suggested such a thing, the senior players in the squad, such as Henderson and Milner, would step in and insist on going up.  Sure it hurts, but its part of the game.  The fact that none of City's senior players seemed to disagree with Guardiola's decision speaks volumes.  Either they are too afraid to speak up, or they believe that Guardiola was right - either way it is not a good reflection on those players.

Failure can be a source of inspiration

Great managers find a way of inspiring their players.  On more than one occasion Jurgen Klopp has told his players to stand and watch another team collect their winners medals.  'Look at those boys over there - next year you want that to be you' is the sort of phrase Klopp would use to turn the teams disappointment into determination.  You only have to look at how Liverpool bounced back from losing the title in 2019 by a single point, to winning the title by a country mile the following year.  You can be sure Klopp did not let his players sulk or feel sorry for themselves.

Sure, it was just the Charity Shield, but it is another indication of the mentality that City have as a club.  Their lack of respect for Financial Fair Play now appears to have spread to a lack of respect for the traditions of the game.  Will this action be repeated in a larger final, say the FA Cup or Champions League, only time will tell, but it is another reason why opposition fans dislike this current City side so much.

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