Pep – “Everyone loves Liverpool”

Pep Guardiola uses post match interview to launch attack on Liverpool, bias fans and media who “love Liverpool” and “hate Man City”.

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You would think that Pep Guardiola would have been a happy man.  After all, his Man City side had just swept Newcastle aside 5-0, returning to the top of the Premier League table in the process, and strengthening their grip on another Title.

But instead of talking about his own team, Pep used the post-match press conference to express his displeasure at what he sees as an unfair bias in the media, match commentators and neutral fans who ‘love Liverpool’ and want them to win the Premier League title instead of Man City.

It’s not the first time Guardiola has suggested that Liverpool get more love than City – but the timing of this particular outburst is interesting.  Only last week Guardiola and Kevin De Bruyne were speaking about how Man City winning the Champions League would “change the narrative” around the club, giving them the prestige and recognition they obviously crave.  Sadly for Pep, City’s dramatic collapse against Real Madrid in the Semi-Final 2nd leg means their wait for European glory goes on for another season, whilst Liverpool (much to Pep’s annoyance) are in another European Final, and can win the trophy for a 7th time.

It’s Liverpool’s history that seems to annoy Pep so much.  Guardiola was quick to point out that Liverpool “has an incredible history behind them, in European competitions. Not in the Premier League, because they’ve won one in 30 years”.  That’s a bit of a cheap shot in our opinion.  How many years did City go without winning anything before their mega rich owners started playing a real life version of Football Manager.  Our research found that City waited more than 30 years to win a trophy, and have won more titles since 2012 than they did in the entire 120 year history of the club.  As the football saying goes, ‘you can’t buy history’, and that’s what annoys Guardiola so much.

It also highlights the pressure that Guardiola must find himself under at Manchester City.  Both City’s previous managers before Guardiola won Premier League Titles and FA Cups.  Guardiola was signed specifically to bring the Champions League Title to the Etihad.  His signing had long been identified and structures put in place to ensure that he succeeded.  He has unlimited transfer funds and the reputation to lure almost any player he wants.  Yet despite spending over £1Billion since taking over in 2016, Guardiola has only reached one Champions League Final.  In the same period Jurgen Klopp has taken Liverpool to 3 Champions League and 1 Europa League Final.

While there is no suggestion that Guardiola’s position as manager is under threat, pressure will be mounting - whether its pressure he puts on himself, or pressure from above.  If Liverpool beat Madrid on May 28th to win another European Title the pressure will surely mount further, prompting more outbursts and accusations.

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