7 games to immortality

Just 7 games (and Man City) stand between Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool players becoming living legends.


7 games to immortality

The term ‘Legend’ or ‘GOAT’ (Greatest of all Time) is used all too often these days.  Whether its over-excited fans or over-the-top newspaper headlines, seemingly all you need is one moment of magic to be given ‘legendary’ status.

Granted, some moments are so special that the term ‘legendary’ seems more than appropriate – Alisson scoring a last minute header, or Alexander-Arnolds corner to Origi against Barcelona for example.  But to be truly considered a ‘Legend’, surely you must have completed some task so fantastical that mere mortals could never hope to repeat it.  In decades to come, fans will still talk about that moment, where they were, who they were with, when the legendary feat was accomplished.

And so we come to Jurgen Klopp and his Liverpool squad of 2021-22.  When the season started in August many fans were unsure what to expect.  The previous season had been derailed by injury after injury.  That Liverpool finished 3rd and qualified for the Champions League was something of a minor miracle in itself.  Now, with a fully fit squad, fans were once again dreaming of challenging for honours both in the League and in Europe. But even the most ardent of Reds fan would have been hard pushed to imagine that with just 6 games of the season left, Liverpool would still be challenging on all fronts – and already have 1 title in the bag.

Yet that is the situation Liverpool and its fans find itself in.  If Liverpool beat Villareal tonight then by the end of the season Liverpool will have played in every possible competitive fixture this season.

Premier League games : 38 - Finishing Position : 1st or 2nd
Champions League games: 13 - Finishing Position : Winner or Runner Up
FA Cup games : 6 - Finishing Position : Winner or Runner Up
League Cup games : 6 - Finishing Position : Winner

That's 63 games in total.  63 games across 10 months, averaging 6 games per month.  Whichever way you look at it, that's a massive achievement in itself.  And whatever happens between now and the end of May, Liverpool have already set one new record -   for the latest anyone has gone into the season with the chance of still winning the Quadruple.  Chelsea held the previous record, for the 2006-07 season, when they were still alive in all 4 major competitions until the 1st May.  Liverpool's bid will reach 3rd May even if they lose tonight to Villareal.  This is the also the closest a Liverpool team has come to winning the Quadruple since the 1982-83 season, when the reds were involved in all 4 competitions until the 20th February.

7 Games to Immortality

3rd May 2022 - vs Villareal (Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg)

7th May 2022 - vs Tottenham (Premier League)

10th May 2022 - vs Aston Villa (Premier League)

14th May 2022 - vs Chelsea (FA Cup Final)

17th May 2022 - vs Southampton (Premier League)

22nd May 2022 - vs Wolves (Premier League)

28th May 2022 - Vs TBC (Champions League Final)

Of course, the elephant in the room is Man City.  Even if Liverpool win all 6 of their remaining games they may not win the quadruple.  Man City can, and will, win the Premier League if they win all their remaining fixtures.

But even if Liverpool don't win the quadruple, this season will still go down in history.  In early January Liverpool sat 14 points behind Manchester City in the Premier League Table.  Fans, pundits and bookies had already given the Title to City.  That Liverpool have closed that 14 point gap to a single point - thereby prolonging the Title race and keeping alive the dreams of the quadruple - is testament to Jurgen Klopp and his 'Mentality Monsters'.  This LFC team simply does not, will not, give up on anything.  And that simple fact may be what defines this season.  Liverpool should not still be in the Title race, but they are, and they are not going away.

7 games to immortality - bring it on....!   

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